The future pattern of lighting will show "big and strong, small and beautiful" situation.

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In 2016, corporate mergers and acquisitions, listing, closure is still flooding the entire LED industry. With the slowdown in manufacturing growth, more and more enterprises to gradually focus on the size of the manufacturers, LED industry, the future competition is bound to be more intense, big Hengda situation will be more obvious, for large enterprises, this Is certainly not a new development opportunity. Then the small and medium enterprises in such a pattern, what should be a way out? Ou Pu Lighting China CEO Ding Long that the future can survive the development of lighting companies have three categories: the first is a large-scale brand general lighting business, 10 billion LED lighting business will be produced in the next 3 years; the second is fine The field of specialized brand enterprises; the last one is the cost of competitive advantage of the foundry business.

Supply and demand determine the price,

LED industry price is not easy

At present, China's macroeconomic situation, more and more conducive to the general-purpose lighting market to the brand, channel and supply chain advantages of business concentration. Ding Long predicted that the lighting industry within 3 years will be a rapid annual turnover of 10 billion enterprises.
In addition, according to industry analysis, a new round of price tide has come. Hongli Zhihui, Si Maide, trillion Chi, Jingke, Xu Yu and other LED packaging business has released a new round of price increases notice, raised some product prices. Have to say that in the increasingly fierce competition, shuffle more frequent the moment, raw material prices, no doubt the more the "thin profit" of the lighting business more "worse." Many of these enterprises have different positions and different opinions. Ding Long said that the price does not need to worry too much. Because "the price depends on the supply and demand, does not depend on the cost factor."
According to the relevant survey, in the country more than 80 kinds of major consumer goods market sales, sales of the top ten brands average market share of 66.34%. In the brand advantage of the most obvious home appliances category, the top ten brands of market share average of 82.26%; clothing, footwear market concentration is still not high, the top ten brands of market share averaged 44.78%. Thus, the macroeconomic decision of the industry oversupply, the market economy depends on the price of supply and demand.

Focus on sub-sectors,

Found a small and beautiful business

According to statistics, the number of employees less than 250 enterprises accounted for 88% of German enterprises, more than 1,000 employees of large enterprises accounted for only 2%. Despite the small size, but the strength of enterprises, focus on innovation, more than 100 years of history of business abound. In Germany, no business is overnight riches, quickly become the focus of the world. They are often focused on a field or a product, there are many "small companies", "slow company", has gradually become more than a century history, highly valued product quality and value of the world famous companies, also known as "invisible champion " German work attitude is the attention of each production technology details, in addition to bear the obligation to produce first-class products, but also to provide good after-sales service obligations. Ding Long believes that enterprises to overcome the impetuous attitude is very important, compared to Germany, China, some companies regardless of their own strength, bent on the results, the development is not smooth, the end is also very fast.
Ding Long believe that lighting companies can only really do a good job of focusing. The future of China will produce a lot of "small and beautiful", focus on a field of business. Whether it is commercial lighting, road lighting, supermarket lighting, if you choose a field to do a stronger job, will really understand the user needs.

Lighting intelligent

Will be fully into life

November 2016, Philips Lighting and millet to form a new joint venture company, to promote the intelligent home of the new direction of the development of Internet lighting. In addition, the Internet and related equipment companies have also cross-border intelligent lighting into the army, such as ZTE, Huawei, and other giants have been with LED lighting business strategic cooperation. It can be seen that the future development of intelligent lighting market is huge. Ding Long that intelligence is not a new thing. Lighting intelligent from entering the LED has already begun, is now a continuous evolution of the process. Of course, the user experience is also very important, if you want to enter the smart era, lighting manufacturers have to study consumer demand, combined with LED lighting features, in order to improve user life.
In addition, Ding Long also predicted that voice control may be the future trend of intelligent lighting, such as the form of man-machine dialogue, this technology has been achieved, but the cost is high. Also, for example, in the light of the induction, the scene to the evening after the automatic light, the day automatically shut down. From the single lights, rooms, intelligent buildings to the wisdom of the city, these are not isolated lighting technology, to a certain extent depends on the development of cross-industry technology, intelligent lighting will enter the future of all aspects of people's lives.

China's housing prices peaked

Lighting companies will focus on

Lighting economy to a certain extent by the real estate pull. It is understood that 2016 in January-November real estate sales area increased by 23%, coupled with a large number of currencies, the current lighting market is still a boom. But Ding Long is expected, the lighting market generally lagged real estate for 6 months, so to April 2017 lighting industry began to enter the difficult period.
In addition, China's population is "spindle", although now open the "second child" policy, but the effect is not obvious, the population is still the stage of decline, that China's demographic dividend gradually ended. Which basically can prove that the whole economy will enter the winter. The future of universal lighting will be scattered to focus.
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