OFweek 2017 China Intelligent Lighting Industry Development Summit Forum came to an end

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June 10, organized by OFweek high-tech industry portal, OFweek semiconductor open network hosted the "OFweek 2017 China Intelligent Lighting Industry Development Summit" in Guangzhou Langhao Hotel successfully held! The meeting aims to effectively solve the smart lighting "industry development pain point, to achieve real human intelligent lighting, so that the scale of industrial development, help enterprises continue to upgrade, the organizers invited to intelligent lighting, smart home and intelligent buildings and many Related fields of many senior experts and scholars, on the current industry and the most concerned about some of the focus of the problem and a detailed analysis of the trend.

Meeting atmosphere of the scene warm, a large number of viewers to give up the holiday break, after a long way to busy, after the meeting have expressed a worthwhile trip.

In the first half of 2016 and 2017 development, the penetration rate of intelligent lighting can be greatly improved, but far less than the industry's expectations. With the advent of Internet of Things and the era of large data, intelligent lighting applications blossom everywhere. Internet of Things era, how to make intelligent lighting with the Internet of things Dongfeng, to achieve the qualitative change and further upgrading of the industry, lighting industry has become the focus of attention. Under the auspices of Professor Wen Shangsheng, Professor of South China University of Technology under the auspices of Jinan University, South China University of Technology, EnOcean Union, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Solid State Lighting Division, Shanghai Qingke Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Oceus Well-known corporate executives each dedicated a wonderful speech, the industry difficult and hot technology applications were analyzed and shared. In the final roundtable forum, all the guests to discuss the dialogue and the scene with the audience interaction, the development of the industry encountered hot topics to explore, for industrial upgrading, business development provides a new direction.
Professor of Jinan University to explain the intelligent lighting system environment identification and light quality closed - loop control

(Professor Chen Changying, Professor of Jinan University)


"With reasonable cost to provide high-quality lighting is the ultimate goal of LED lighting technology." Professor Chen Changying Jinan University in the entitled "intelligent lighting system environment identification and light quality closed-loop control," the keynote speech said.
What kind of lighting is that high-quality lighting it? According to Professor Chen, high-quality light (illumination, color temperature, etc.) is the basic factor of high-quality lighting. He explained that with the LED operating temperature of the height, the luminous efficiency and working life will be reduced, while the color temperature will also drift. Color temperature is accurate high-quality LED lighting products logo, color temperature stability is also high-quality LED lighting products, where the difficulties.
Professor Chen further analyzed the white light LED color temperature drift mechanism and the light quality hazards. "The identification and correction of the color temperature of the target environment is one of the main tasks of the intelligent lighting system." Professor Chen Changying analyzed the working principle of the LED intelligent lighting system with color temperature measurement and control ability and the theoretical basis of each sub-module design with professional eyes. His profound knowledge and professional knowledge all the presence of the audience tut praise.
OSRAM Advanced Application Technology Manager Outlook LED Intelligent Lighting Prospects

(OSRAM Optoelectronic Semiconductor Solid State Lighting China Senior Application Manager Chen Wencheng)
What is the real smart lighting? OSRAM Opto-Semiconductors Solid State Lighting China Senior Application Technology Manager Dr. Chen Wencheng in the "LED intelligent lighting prospects and solutions," the keynote speech to intelligent office lighting, intelligent lights, intelligent light bulb, for example, LED intelligent lighting and students, But the core of the lighting or to people-oriented.
Subsequently, Dr. Chen Wencheng introduced intelligent lighting and interconnection lighting control market prospects and trends, he specially analyzed the development trend of home Internet lighting market and the entire industry chain of major enterprises. Here he mentioned that the smart lighting market prospects are unprecedented, but the current challenges are unprecedented. Dr. Chen said that the interoperability of different product lines and the privacy and security of the system become intelligent lighting industry at this stage need to solve the problem.
Dr. Chen also focused on the application of intelligent control and IPL in plant lighting and health lighting. He reflects the influence of light on people through the three dimensions of light influence on plants and the different spectral analysis required for different growth stages of plants, thus reflecting the application prospect of intelligent lighting in plant lighting. In addition, + Biological clock + emotion, and thus reflects the importance of people due to lighting on human health.
Finally, Dr. Chen Wencheng introduced OSRAM in the field of intelligent lighting layout and solutions, he said, LED intelligent Internet lighting is OSRAM's overall strategic direction.
EnOcean Alliance describes the application of energy collection wireless standard in intelligent lighting control

(Enocean Union Chairman Graham Martin)
With the intelligent lighting industry and the rapid development of Internet of things, access to things more and more equipment, how to effectively supply power for the Internet to become a major industry challenges.
In a keynote speech entitled "EnOcean Energy Acquisition Wireless Standard in Intelligent Lighting Control", EnOcean Union Chairman Graham Martin shared the development trend of the Internet of Things automation and intelligent lighting control market, as well as the way the Internet of Things equipment The malpractice. "The use of energy harvesting sensors is the best way," Graham Martin said, "the use of EnOcean Union LED wireless lighting control products, making energy conservation has been greatly improved."
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